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Starting-up – Insights into a side project

Since I decided to quit doing my own business to start my job at diconium strategy as a management consultant, I often thought that it would be nice to start a business beside the job. Not because of the money or because I have too much leisure time. It’s more about testing approaches that are popular and that I typically recommend to our clients (e.g. lean startup with MVP approach, design thinking and more). I wanted to gain more in-depth experience with applying these approaches – not only in theory, but in real practice.

Therefore, I often play around with some ideas and do some research on this and that. But, until now, no idea came up that I really believed in. I decided to partner with some other people (see Crowd Angel) and start to support founders during their start-up phase with a bit money and mentoring. All activities were very instructive and I gained a lot of experience in working with various founders. Now, since we decided to end Crowd Angel, I am very excited to do something new, where I can learn more and just find out if there is a real business opportunity for starting something own.

Now, I decided to test an idea, that is in my mind for a longer time. To test that idea, I want to apply all the knowledge about lean startup that I gained over the last few years in working with clients and founders. I plan to test that idea as a side-project. So, I have my first challenge: I’m very limited in the time I am able to spend on that topic. But, let’s see how this can get managed.

I also want to write about some of the challenges, ideas and thoughts right here in my blog to provide some insights to anyone that might be interested in that. Currently, I don’t want to go into more detail about the concept. But, stay tuned and you will find out what is going on. You can find any update about that right here in my blog. I opened a new post category (see STARTING-UP), where you can see all the insights and thoughts related to this particular side-project. I try to post new stuff as often as possible.

I also love to get your feedback or thoughts on the posts. So feel free to tell me what you love, hate and share some of your own experiences.

Amazon: Profits, surprisingly not re-invested

Earlymoves just published a great article about the latest news from amazon. The key question followed by the article is “WHY IS AMAZON ALL OF A SUDDEN NOT RE-INVESTING ALL ITS PROFITS?”.


Earlymoves (“analyzing the strategies of global online retail players”) is the international site of K5 GmbH by Jochen Krisch. It’s the English speaking equivalent to and always worth reading through for everyone interested in online retail business.

Value chain disruption in automotive visualized

What your car may look like in 2020 #DigitalDisruption #automotive


Learn how to read Chinese (TED Talk)

Just stumbled over this great TED talk about how to learn Chinese using simple pictures and mnemonics.

Speaker: ShaoLan Hsueh (Technologist, entrepreneur)
Visit her website:

Always worth striving for …


The Shift: Close the gap between awareness and action

As a management consultant, my job is it to help firms to optimize existing business models as well as to establish new business models – all with using the power of digital commerce. With now more than five years experience in digital business models, ecommerce and the “digital transformation” (I really hate this buzzword) of corporations, I have been observing a sort of change over the last years. This change reflects in what kind of projects our clients request and how they act in projects.

It’s just about a perception from a personal point of view, but I think the essence of what I observe is real and – so I hope – also observed by others working in a similar field.

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Updated: K5 fund – The exciting growth of an “industry” in one chart

Early this year the German K5 GmbH set up a fund for digital business in consumer retail (focus: b2c ecommerce). They began to invest some money in shares from amazon, asos, zulily and zooplus. Over the time, they added more shares from other companies that went public and  – up to now – they curated a good portfolio of interesting and promising companies from national (German) as well as international players from the ecommerce branch.

Over the time, Sven Rittau (CEO of K5 GmbH) and Jochen Krisch (exciting commerce) reported some stats about the development of the portfolio. In March, they announced to open up the fund for institutional and private investors in perspective.

Now, Jochen came up with latest portfolio data and published an interesting article with some insights.


K5 Fund Development – by Jochen Krisch,

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Great companies don’t hire skilled people …

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them. People are either motivated or they are not. Unless you give motivated people something to believe in, something bigger than their job to work toward, they will motivate themselves to find a new job and you’ll be stuck with whoever’s left.
Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

More relevant than ever.


Sports icon Lothar Matthäus now supports


bigbox-start_aktion4_2015-Juli-LMOne of our start-ups (financed and coached by our venture capital company Crowd-Angel) have achieved the next step for growth. From now, the company of Kim Neidenberger,, is supported by Lothar Matthäus as testimonial and Business Partner. The sports icon holds 10% share of the company and acts as testimonial to boost awareness and trust for the brand and the offered services. So, I assume it is correct to say – Lothar Matthäus is back in trainer business!

I really appreciate to watch our start-ups mastering the hard business. And I look forward to support ideas like this to come true and grow up.

Go on and keep on rocking, Kim & Co!



Motivation: How to manage ultimate engagement

What I really like most in my job as a management consultant is the variety of different projects and the required heightened ability of learning new things continuously and, furthermore to have deep-dives into these new topics.

As I think, there are not many jobs where you can grow that fast – personally and professionally – in a similar amount of time. Of course, there are also some disadvantages coming with this job (e.g. no nine to five hours, travelling, a higher stress level and heavy weight of expectations …). But, to put this into perspective – the balance of both, advantages and disadvantages is important to me. To be serious: this will always be a trade-off. As humans we always tend to make the best out of a situation and especially with trade-offs we always try to give our more favoured position a little more weight.

But how can we achieve more excitement (and so more engagement) in a job that is still a trade-off job? Or, just to rephrase this – how to get happier with your work and how to grow faster?

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