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Defining the business concept and ‘how to find a startup name (incl. domain)?’

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When working on a new business concept, one of the first steps nearly every idea driven person wants to take on is to find an appropriate name for the new business. It feels like a very necessary step, because with every concept or thought note, you would like to use the brand or company name.

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[Starting-up] Insights into a side project

Since I decided to quit doing my own business to start my job at diconium strategy as a management consultant, I often thought that it would be nice to start a business beside the job. Not because of the money or because I have too much leisure time. It’s more about testing approaches that are popular and that I typically recommend to our clients (e.g. lean startup with MVP approach, design thinking and more). I wanted to gain more in-depth experience with applying these approaches – not only in theory, but in real practice.

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