As a management consultant, my job is it to help firms to optimize existing business models as well as to establish new business models – all with using the power of digital commerce. With now more than five years experience in digital business models, ecommerce and the “digital transformation” (I really hate this buzzword) of corporations, I have been observing a sort of change over the last years. This change reflects in what kind of projects our clients request and how they act in projects.

It’s just about a perception from a personal point of view, but I think the essence of what I observe is real and – so I hope – also observed by others working in a similar field.

My CV in a nutshell

About seven years ago I started my own business and served small clients with websites, consulting regarding online marketing opportunities and some graphic work (I’m not that good in doing graphics). After a short time of hard work and my first income as a “freelancer” I was able to maintain a good relationship with some smaller digital agencies. I started to work with them in more professional project setups and started working on larger projects. After a few years of self employment I started my current job as a management consultant at, a strategy consulting firm based in Stuttgart, Germany.

I call it “The Shift”

During these years I realized that the most time of my job is focussed on educating people on the other side of the table. So I was working hard on building awareness for the untapped potential in the digital field of action. With every project the team need to deal with different people, all coming with different levels of awareness for things that we could need to do using digital touchpoints.

Sometimes it felt like teaching kids about math or physics.

Interestingly, now the time has changed and it seems that we need to deal with a different situation. When I talk to clients now and ask them what they want to do and what their visions are – it’s an absolutely different picture. Most clients know exactly what they should do and what they could need to do – but all on a very high level and without being able to operationalize (or with other words: to break the idea down into actionable items).

So it seems that we are experiencing a shift in what our focus is or at least should be…

Yesterday, as a consultant for digital commerce we focussed on building awareness for the potential that comes with the digitization.
Now, the main part of our work is to close the gap between awareness and action.

I really appreciate this development and it seems that companies nowerdays are more mature with those “digital things”.