Early this year the German K5 GmbH set up a fund for digital business in consumer retail (focus: b2c ecommerce). They began to invest some money in shares from amazon, asos, zulily and zooplus. Over the time, they added more shares from other companies that went public and  – up to now – they curated a good portfolio of interesting and promising companies from national (German) as well as international players from the ecommerce branch.

Over the time, Sven Rittau (CEO of K5 GmbH) and Jochen Krisch (exciting commerce) reported some stats about the development of the portfolio. In March, they announced to open up the fund for institutional and private investors in perspective.

Now, Jochen came up with latest portfolio data and published an interesting article with some insights.


K5 Fund Development – by Jochen Krisch, excitingcommerce.de

As the diagram shows all the three portfolios are experiencing a great development. I assume that this was the right time to start something like this. Relevant players went public and some of them reached new levels of doing business (revenues, valuations etc.). I am excited to see more soon (Jochen will announce some more details on the 5th of every month – next time tomorrow on 5th August).

I really appreciate that K5 GmbH and Jochen Krisch are helping to make the industry more transparent. In perspective, they will provide access to a promising industry through the K5 funds.

Supporting the industry and giving more people the chance to participate of a strong developing, but on the other hand a more and more complex business, is a very welcome project. And very interesting from an analyst’s perspective as well.

Stay tuned for more insights.

Update: 06. August 2015

Jochen just released an update considering latest development of K5 funds. As the updated diagram shows, the basic fund developed to an index value of 168 points.


K5 Fund Development – by Jochen Krisch, excitingcommerce.de



Furthermore, Jochen kindly stated the list of companies of which shares the k5 basic fund consists of.


K5 Fund Portfolio – by Jochen Krisch, excitingcommerce.de


Still interesting to see and a great project. All the best for Jochen and K5 team for building the industry index of ecommerce business.