Since I decided to quit doing my own business to start my job at diconium strategy as a management consultant, I often thought that it would be nice to start a business beside the job. Not because of the money or because I have too much leisure time. It’s more about testing approaches that are popular and that I typically recommend to our clients (e.g. lean startup with MVP approach, design thinking and more). I wanted to gain more in-depth experience with applying these approaches – not only in theory, but in real practice.

Therefore, I often play around with some ideas and do some research on this and that. But, until now, no idea came up that I really believed in. I decided to partner with some other people (see Crowd Angel) and start to support founders during their start-up phase with a bit money and mentoring. All activities were very instructive and I gained a lot of experience in working with various founders. Now, since we decided to end Crowd Angel, I am very excited to do something new, where I can learn more and just find out if there is a real business opportunity for starting something own.

Now, I decided to test an idea, that is in my mind for a longer time. To test that idea, I want to apply all the knowledge about lean startup that I gained over the last few years in working with clients and founders. I plan to test that idea as a side-project. So, I have my first challenge: I’m very limited in the time I am able to spend on that topic. But, let’s see how this can get managed.

I also want to write about some of the challenges, ideas and thoughts right here in my blog to provide some insights to anyone that might be interested in that. Currently, I don’t want to go into more detail about the concept. But, stay tuned and you will find out what is going on. You can find any update about that right here in my blog. I opened a new post category (see STARTING-UP), where you can see all the insights and thoughts related to this particular side-project. I try to post new stuff as often as possible.

I also love to get your feedback or thoughts on the posts. So feel free to tell me what you love, hate and share some of your own experiences.